Karana Downs
Garden Club Inc
June 2013 Friendship Day
A Frosty Start
Parking Attendants, Clive & Jim
Jan's welcoming Heliconias
A Warming Cuppa
Friends founds a sunny spot
Yvonne, Joan, Thea & Robyn on our Plant Stall
Joan busy at our Photo Comp
Margaret & Hilda on our Book Stall
Les arriving with his entries
Our Speaker, Jerry Coleby-Williams
QCGC Ambassador, Miriam Garnham
Hilda receiving Jarvis Nye Trophy from Miriam Garnham
Pretty Flowers for the Day
Gloria's Poinsettia
'Before There Were Flowers' Floral Art
Carmel's Vanda
Fruit & Veg Entries
Sue's Banksia
Marlene's Pitcher Plant
Multi Headed Flower Entries
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